The Definitive Office Chair Buying Guide


There is a wide range of home office chairs lately starting from simple stool for surfing the internet to those complex ergonomic ones that we use for hours when we’re working at our desks. Here’s how you can buy the perfect chair that will not only assess to your needs but will also fit with your working style.

1.) Ergonomics

This fancy looking word is the application of scientific information about the design of your objects, systems and even to your environment which allows them to become3 ever more efficient and comfortable to use. Seats which are ergonomically correct should be able to provide your body with a stable boy support that goes on in various postures. The design of your workplace and furniture should be able to allow you to do certain amounts of movement and changes in posture.

You will know if your seats are good enough if:

a.) the circulation in your things are not restricted

b.) the posture you have requires minimal to no effort in muscular activity top maintain

c.) the natural S-shape of the spinal cord is maintained thus minimizing the loading stress on your spine without the need for any sort of muscular tension.

2.) Choosing Your Office Chair

Just buying an office chair or barcelona chair isn’t enough. There are many factors that you should take into consideration when you are going to be choosing your office chair. First is that a good office chair should enable you to still move freely and carry your tasks with precision and efficiency. It should be able to accommodate anyone who uses it regardless of their size or shape and should support your body while allowing you to be comfortable in any position.

Remember that the longer you use the chair, the more adjustable feature you will need. The adjustments should be easy to reach and you can operate them even while you’re still sitting without excessive use of muscles. Have a Lumbar support if you will be using the chair for long periods of time (more than 4 hours a day).

3.) Features that you should look out for

  • Seat height

An office chair’s most important asset is its height. You should rest your feet on the floor without having to restrict circulation in your thighs through compression. The person sitting can and will end up having numb legs. When working on your working table, make sure that you adjust your chair to the height of your table and take note to lower the seat until your elbows are just above the table top. If your feet still can’t rest flat on the floor, get yourself a footrest in addition.

  • Seat depth

If our office chair’s depth isn’t adjustable, make sure that you can sit right at the back of the chair without having it press the back of your knew. Sit properly at the back of the chair and use the backrest correctly while supporting your lumbar.

  • Backrest Support

Make sure that the backrest is just the right size and shape to be able to support your lower and middle back perfectly without restricting any arm and shoulder movements. You should also be able to maintain that S-shape of your spine whenever you are sitting down.

  • Materials and padding

The material used should be able to let your body breathe and make sure that you are comfortable when sitting for long periods of time especially for those people who sit for more than 4 hours. The padding should also be comfortable whenever you sit on it and neither should it be non-existent nor too much to the point that it feels like that chair isn’t made for sitting. Don’t go for the hard ones because they will start to hurt after a few hours and the soft ones are no good either.

  • Armrests

Take off the loads of strain off your neck by making sure that your chair has armrests. The armrests should be adjustable and allow you to rest your arms comfortably on them while making you slouch less.

  • Swivel and Casters

This one gives you the ability to move the chair around the room and rotate them around so that you can reach different places. The casters are the one that allows you to move easily but make sure that the casters your office chair has is designed for your floor whether carpeted or not. Check out for more chairs.